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Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Terms & Conditions of Purchase and Sale

By submitting a Purchase Order for the purchase of products, Customer acknowledges and agrees to the following terms and conditions:

Customer will initiate offers to purchase products by the submission of a Purchase Order to Medteks Technologies. Purchase Orders will identify the products, unit quantities, part numbers, descriptions, applicable prices and requested delivery dates. All Purchase Orders are subject to Medteks Technologies acceptance, in its sole discretion, according to product availability and these governing Terms and Conditions.

All prices are set forth in US dollars. All quoted prices are subject to change without notice. Prices charged are those in effect at the time of shipment and Customer agrees to pay such prices, subject to any Customer specific pricing and transaction related charges. Prices may increase before shipment in the event Medteks Technologies costs increase. If delivery is delayed at Buyer's request beyond the originally scheduled delivery date, prices are subject to revision.

Products invoiced and held by Medteks Technologies at Customer's request will be held at Customer's sole risk and expense above and beyond the purchase price, including but not limited storage and handling charges.

Any applicable sales, excise, use or other taxes, duties or fees which Medteks Technologies may be required to pay or collect, under any existing or future law, upon or with respect to the sale, purchase, delivery, storage, processing, use, consumption or transportation of any products covered hereby, shall be for the account of the Customer, and Customer agrees to pay such amount to Medteks Technologies upon request in addition to the quoted purchase price.

Terms of Payment
Subject to the approval of Customer's credit by Medteks Technologies, standard term of payment is NET thirty (30) days from the date of invoice, and payment shall be made as follows:

a. For Customers having an established place of business in the United States (excluding protected territories and possessions) and requesting delivery of product in the United States (excluding protected territories and possessions), Customers may pay by personal/business check, money order, major credit card (MasterCard, Visa, and American Express), Cash on Delivery (C.O.D) or, upon advance qualification, an open account with Medteks Technologies

b. For Customers requesting delivery of product to locations outside of the United States, Customers must pay by wire transfer of funds only.  A $200 minimum order is required for international orders. All international orders will be charged a $30 wire transfer fee. If the minimum requirement is not met, a minimum order fee will be charged the order difference. Normal terms will apply to US companies exporting to foreign countries.

c. For Customers paying by credit card and ordering NCNR (non cancellable, nonreturnable) or non stock items, the credit card will be charged in advanced.

d. For Customers paying by personal/business check, a $25 fee will be charged for returned checks.

Customer will pay the total amount of each invoice from Medteks Technologies pursuant to the terms of such invoice without offset or deduction. Invoices not paid when due will bear interest to date of payment at the annual rate of eighteen (18%) percent or such lower rate as may be the maximum permitted by law. If Customer fails to make payment when due, Medteks Technologies may pursue any legal or equitable remedies, in which event Medteks Technologies will be entitled to reimbursement for costs of collection and reasonable attorney's fees.
All Customer Purchase Orders are subject to ongoing credit approval by Medteks Technologies. Customer will submit such financial information as Medteks Technologies may reasonably require for determination of credit terms. Medteks Technologies may, at any time or times, suspend performance of any order or require payment in cash, security or other adequate assurance satisfactory to Medteks Technologies when, in Medteks Technologies opinion, the financial condition of Customer or other grounds for insecurity warrant such action. Medteks Technologies may, in its sole discretion, change theses terms of payment without notice, at any time or times, for all future transactions and require advance payment, security, payment by official bank draft or other approved payment means, as Medteks Technologies deems appropriate in its sole discretion.

If Customer is in default of any payment, Medteks Technologies may, in its sole discretion, suspend or cancel delivery of product under any and all Purchase Orders or cancel any and all Purchase Orders, in whole or in part, and Customer shall be liable to pay Medteks Technologies for products already shipped.

As may be authorized hereunder, payments by check are subject to collection and the date of collection will be deemed the date of payment.

Any payment received from Customer may be applied by Medteks Technologies against any obligation owing by Customer to Medteks Technologies under this or any other contract, regardless of any statement appearing on or referring to such check, without discharging Customer's liability for any additional amounts owing by Customer to Medteks Technologies. The acceptance by Medteks Technologies of such check will not constitute a waiver or settlement of Medteks Technologies right to pursue the collection of any remaining unpaid balance.

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