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Marine Grade Rugged LCDs:

VarTech Systems manufactures a line of highly engineered Ruggedized Marine Grade LCD Displays for the most severe environments. VarTech incorporates many features unique to the marine marketplace: ECDIS, Radar, Remote Control, Video Buffer (Multi-Drop) and Auxiliary Power Relay Output. Our PowerVue monitors offer continuity by design for all Navigation and Ship Automation applications. These units are suitable for a wide variety of military and commercial shipping or avionics applications where low EMI and long-term vibration resilience are essential criteria. Our PowerVue series is engineered to meet application needs of your marine monitor display and lcd flat panels.

Our state-of-the-art PowerVue series monitors have been specifically designed to withstand the harsh maritime environment and to meet the stringent demands of IEC 60945, the international standard for Maritime Navigation and Radio Communications Equipment & Systems. Many of our monitors meet NEMA 4/4X IP65/66. Furthermore within our range we offer monitors having ECDIS (Electronic Chart Display Information System) and ARPA (Automatic Radar Plotting Aid) compliance.

Backlight Dimming

During nighttime operations in Bridge and Wheelhouse environments it is important to optimize ambient light conditions for night vision capability.

VarTech Systems is at the forefront of backlight dimming technology and offer fully dimmable controls on both our military monitor displays and our marine flat panel monitors.

...ECDIS applications require monitors to have brightness dimming capability below 1 cd/m².



With respect to naval applications the use of commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) based monitors is becoming increasingly commonplace.

VarTech is addressing the challenges of manufacturing cost effective monitors to the highest specifications.

Our PowerVue series offers a comprehensive line of 19.0" to 23" marine monitor displays.



Electronic Chart Display Information Systems

ECDIS approval allows the monitor to be used in applications where radar and navigation information is displayed i.e. IBS (Integrated Bridge System). This system is necessary in any application where a flat panel monitor display is needed.

ECDIS provides the navigator with a highly accurate, flexible and fully approved alternative to the traditional paper charts that will interface and network with ship\\\\\\\'s sensors and systems including radar. This is ideal for all marine lcd monitor display systems.






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